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RockMelt Social Web Browser; Windows Phone 7 Arrives

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TOP STORY: RockMelt Offers Social Web Browser

MORE NEWS: Windows Phone 7 Arrives In U.S.

ANALYTIC REPORT: Oracle-Sun: What Lies Ahead

WHITEPAPER: Understanding The IT Service Management Challenge

SLIDESHOW: 15 Mobile Apps For Better Health

VIDEO: Part 1: Suddenly All Computing is Parallel

BLOG: How To Get High Performance Cloud Storage

WEBCAST: Smarter Customer Service: The Business Case For Text Analytics

RESOURCES: Take Our State of Storage Survey -- You Could Win An iPod!

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


"Our business is about technology, yes. But it's also about operations and customer relationships." -- Michael Dell



RockMelt Offers Social Web Browser

A startup funded by browser pioneer Marc Andreessen is betting that users want a Web browser built for interaction.


IBM Boosts Social Media Software, Services

Enterprise 2.0: Socialtext Targets Information Barriers

Enterprise 2.0 Special Report


Windows Phone 7 Arrives In U.S.

Microsoft believes the OS's slick new interface will keep people from bumping into trees and dropping their phones in toilets.

IBM Targets Healthcare With Government Cloud

Medicare and other agencies will gain improve claims processing and analytics management with access to scalable, secure, certified data centers, says IBM.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread On Deck For Release

A member of the Open Handset Alliance has indicated that Android 2.3 Gingerbread will soon be made available to the HTC-made Google Nexus One.

Hacker Sinks Royal Navy Website

SQL injection attack used to break in and lift administrator credentials, databases from the government site.

HTC Building Its Own App Store

HTC is hiring staff to help build and launch an online storefront from which smartphone users could download applications and even e-books, reports the Financial Times.

Global CIO: Steve Jobs Creating New-Age Broadcasting Network?

Apple's massive new $1 billion data center could become the hub for an all-streaming broadcast network, says big-thinker Nick Carr.

Enterprise 2.0: Socialtext Targets Information Barriers

The company's latest software revision, 4.5, tries to make business information more accessible.

Microsoft Pushes Platform As A Service In Cloud

In contrast to Amazon's infrastructure-as-a-service approach, Microsoft is layering Windows tools and services atop an easy-to-build cloud infrastructure.

Google Gives Free Wi-Fi For Holidays

Travelers on AirTran, Delta and Virgin America flights can go online free from Nov. 20 through Jan. 2.

Oakley Intros 'Optically Correct' 3D Glasses

Gascan eyewear is tuned for 3D theater technology and the user's visual clarity, comfort, and style.

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• Set BI On Solid Footing: Companies expect business intelligence
that adapts to their changing needs. Information management is the
place to start.
• Clean Up That Web Mess: It's time to tackle that hodgepodge of
customer-facing sites that you've been ignoring. We have best practices
to help.
• Cloud App Security: The federal government plans program to ensure
cloud services meet security requirements.
And Much More!

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Oracle-Sun: What Lies Ahead

The strategy points to Sun hardware optimized to run Oracle software. But our exclusive research finds many IT pros doubt that they'll benefit from the partnership. This report outlines Oracle's road maps for key Sun products, and analyzes what changes the acquisition will bring for business technology decision makers.

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Featured Report

Readying Your Server Infrastructure For EMR

The healthcare industry is undergoing a sea change as medical records go digital. In this report, we'll advise midsize practices on how to get up and running with a server structure ready for electronic medical records, from scoping hardware and selecting software to deciding the in-house vs. outsourced question.

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Featured Report


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Understanding The IT Service Management Challenge

What are the key challenges associated with IT service management? This document explores requirements for effective Application Performance Management. Get the attributes of High Definition Application Performance Management.
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Networks Cash in on the Urge to Converge

Network convergence provides an evolutionary path to modernization rather than being just another costly rip-and-replace solution. That means IT managers can benefit from new technologies and open standards today while also laying a foundation for next-generation cloud computing for the future.
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15 Mobile Apps For Better Health

From helping you monitor your condition to making suggestions for improving it, today's smartphones can become valuable healthcare partners -- with the right apps. The iPhone App Store, the Android Market and the BlackBerry App World are chock full of applications that can help keep you in the pink. The Health, Wellness, and Fitness categories in the various mobile app stores are full of applications that promise to help keep you healthy. Some of them are backed by major pharmaceutical firms, while others are the brainchild of a single person who thinks they've found the solution to a health issue. We've sifted through them to bring you 15 of the best.   View Now


NASA, Microsoft Reveal Mars In Pictures

How Firesheep Can Hijack Web Sessions


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Part 1: Suddenly All Computing is Parallel

Michael Wrinn's keynote from SIGCSE 2010: With parallel programming models evolving, and a variety of approaches being tried in academia and industry, flexibility is vital.   Watch


PLoS Sample Movie

SMB Reaps the Rewards of ERP




Featured Blogger

How To Get High Performance Cloud Storage

By George Crump

One of the challenges with cloud storage is the connection between you and the storage. For almost everyone it is going to be slower than what is available within the data center. This performance difference does not mean a more limited use of cloud storage, it means that greater intelligence is needed to load data into the cloud. With that intelligence cloud storage could be leveraged for even the most demanding of applications.


Management Tool Monitors SaaS Traffic

By Paul Korzeniowski

Typically, vendors introduce new capabilities and only later do products capable of monitoring their performance arise. Now with SaaS services becoming so popular, Streamcore has enhanced its management tool, so it provides visibility into those applications.

Beware The Bank Apps On Your Phone

By Ed Hansberry

Online banking is one of the more popular tasks people get done on their phone. Apps tailored to your device can make the process easier, but it seems some of the banks have made some boneheaded decisions in their programming design that opens up a number of security risks.

Helping Users is Unfair?

By Dave Methvin

In September of last year, Microsoft Security Essentials was released. It's always been free, but as of last week Microsoft is offering MSE through an optional update. That's raising some eyebrows.

InformationWeek State of Storage Survey

By Kurt Marko

I will be writing InformationWeek's annual State of Storage report in the next few weeks and in preparation InformationWeek Analytics is conducting its third annual storage survey on data management technologies and strategies. We are surveying IT pros to understand your storage usage and challenges. We're also interested in what our readers think are the major trends, both from a technology and business perspective, in the storage world this year.

Don't Be A Sheep

By George Hulme

Thanks to the new Firefox plug-in dubbed Firesheep, snoops and attackers now have an easier shot at hijacking some of your Internet sessions. Don't let this opportunity go to waste.


Smarter Customer Service: The Business Case For Text Analytics

Join industry experts from Jackson Lewis LLP, Bank Systems & Technology, and Kronos as we examine the state of wage and hour practices in the financial services industry, looking at how litigation could affect you and the important role workforce management can play in your overall risk management strategy.

It happens Wednesday, November 10, 2010/ 9AM PT/12:00 PM ET

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Take Our State of Storage Survey -- You Could Win An iPod!

InformationWeek Analytics is conducting a survey in order to evaluate the state of software outsourcing today. The results of the survey will appear in an upcoming issue as well as an in-depth InformationWeek Analytics report. This survey will take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Upon completing the survey, you will be eligible to enter a drawing to receive one Apple 32-GB iPod Touch valued at $299 from TechWeb. Your responses will remain confidential and will only be reported in aggregate.

Survey ends Nov. 12

Driving Stronger Business Productivity through Next Generation End User Computing

At Enterprise Connect 2011 in Orlando, our program will reflect both our commitment to the VoiceCon heritage, as well as the new world of multimedia communications. We will continue to offer the most in-depth, technically rich, and market-savvy information on the world of enterprise communications.

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