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RIM Debuts Enterprise Tablet; Web 2.0 Breaches Cost Billions

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TOP STORY: RIM Intros 'PlayBook' Enterprise Tablet

MORE NEWS: Web 2.0 Breaches Cost Businesses $1.1 Billion

ANALYTIC REPORT: Beyond Adding Boxes: Smart Strategies For Growth

WHITEPAPER: Buying Storage: Key Criteria Revealed

SLIDESHOW: Top 12 PC Games Of All Time

VIDEO: The New Economics of IT in a Virtualized World

BLOG: HP Completes Cisco Rip And Replace In 6 Data Centers

WEBCAST: CRM Meets BPM: Turning Customers Into Loyal Fans

RESOURCES: Enterprise 2.0 Santa Clara

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


"If you cannot be on the project each day to check on things, then you should not try and be your own contractor." -- Robert Metcalfe



RIM Intros 'PlayBook' Enterprise Tablet

Research In Motion on Monday announced the PlayBook tablet device. RIM said the QNX-based tablet is fully ready for the enterprise.


RIM's BlackBerry Messenger Develops Social Powers

RIM WebWorks Promises Web Apps For BlackBerries

Three Things RIM Needs To Do For Devs


Web 2.0 Breaches Cost Businesses $1.1 Billion

McAfee finds business professionals value social media and collaboration, but have well-placed concerns about maintaining security and company reputation.

Windows Phone 7 Release Date Nears

Speculation over when devices based on Microsoft's new mobile operating system will hit the market is heating up.

Global CIO: Larry Ellison Is Rewriting The Golden Rule Of IT Strategy

Ellison defies conventional wisdom by promising that extreme dependence on a single IT vendor (that would be Oracle) doesn't kill you and in fact will make you stronger.

Android Outlook Brighter Than iOS, Developers Say

Apple's iOS still gets better marks than Android in most areas, but developers see Android as having a more promising future.

The Good And Bad Of Hardware-Software Appliances

Interest in appliances is growing, driven by big vendors including Oracle and IBM.

Microsoft Dumps Windows Live Spaces For WordPress

Move raises questions about Redmond's ability to provide homegrown solutions for the Web 2.0 market.

Iran Denies Stuxnet Worm Hurt Nuclear Plant

The malware appears to have been designed to target a specific facility or control process.

Feds Want To Broaden Internet Wiretap Power

The FBI and other law-enforcement officials are pushing for an update to legislation that would extend wiretap capability to Internet communications and services.

Shipwire Announces Web Based Order Management Tool

Businesses can create and manage shipping orders from multiple locations and use different e-commerce providers and shipping services with the free Shipwire Anywhere service.

Acer Unveils Core i7 Ultraportable, 3D Laptop

The TimelineX packs Intel's high-end ultra-low voltage processor into a roughly 11.5-inch body.

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A private cloud can play a key role in your disaster recovery

We dig into the storage, LAN, and WAN requirements to build a cloud
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Beyond Adding Boxes: Smart Strategies For Growth

Is your IT group grappling with the cost and complexity of storing data? If you're looking to achieve greater efficiency, consider reservationless storage services, which improves utilization rates while cutting operational expenses. This ESG paper discusses new technologies that enable just-in-time storage provisioning.

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Featured Report

From Disaster Recovery To Continuous Data Protection

Continuous data protection used to be a pipe dream for most outside the financial world because of sky-high cost and complexity. That's changing, creating new options for businesses that require different thinking about disaster recovery.

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Featured Report


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Buying Storage: Key Criteria Revealed

Find out the key criteria you need to consider before making your next IT investment and why it's time to modernize your approach to storage.
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Cloud Computing and Storage Multi-Tenancy

This white paper will explain why the recent changes in Microsoft infrastructures, including the introduction of a server operating system and a server virtualization solution (Hyper-V), create a compelling opportunity to improve underlying storage infrastructures right now.
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Top 12 PC Games Of All Time

With a click of the mouse, gamers can transport themselves into futuristic worlds, realistic battle scenes and a virtual life of organized crime. Although there they face extensive competition from console-makers such as Nintendo and Sony, PC software games continue to flourish, as each year hundreds of titles vie for consumers' attention, loyalty and dollars. Here's a dozen of the all time best.   View Now


12 Most Disruptive Enterprise IT Vendors

Fuze Takes Meetings To iPad


spacer spacer spacer

The New Economics of IT in a Virtualized World

Peter Hinssen, Managing Director, Across Group, describes how IT is evolving in the "New Normal" world of virtualization.   Watch


New Role of IT

Interacting with ASIMO




Featured BloggerHP Completes Cisco Rip And Replace In 6 Data Centers

By Bob Evans

Proclaiming its six data centers are now "Cisco-free," Hewlett-Packard said its six totally revamped data centers are running the $130-billion company's operations with networking technologies supplied exclusively by HP Networking.


Integrating The SSD Appliance

By George Crump

The SSD Appliance or Memory Array applies to storage systems that are designed from the ground up to only be used with solid state storage. They are often focused on storage I/O performance and solid state integrity more so than providing storage services like snapshots or replication. In this entry we will look at when does it make sense to use these products instead of adding SSD to an existing storage system or going all out and buying a new solid state storage system.

Google's Twelve Boring And Indispensable Years

By Jim Rapoza

So this month Google officially turns twelve years old. Looking back over that time, three concepts stick out when I think of the many Google services I've seen and used; utilitarian, unexciting, can't live without them.

SMB Makeover Update: Countdown to "Go Live" at Torelli

By Steve Kovsky

Excitement is building inside Torelli Bicycle Co. headquarters in North Hollywood, Calif., as employees anxiously await another birth. This blessed event -- the actual "go live" date for Torelli's new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system -- represents the metaphorical birth of a new Torelli, one that operates with the data-driven precision that few small to midsize businesses (SMBs) ever achieve, unless they have the good fortune to grow into a large-scale enterprise capable of deploying a full-blown ERP implementation.

Phishing, P2P, Drive-Bys Top SMB Security Risk List

By Keith Ferrell

File sharing, drive-by downloads, social nets, phishing, malicious attachments -- according to a new report, these are the leading approaches for criminals targeting small and midsized businesses.

Stuxnet Pwned Iran. Are We Next?

By George Hulme

For the past few weeks rumors had run rampant about the purported targets of the Stuxnet worm. One of those rumors was that the worm was targeting Iran's controversial nuclear sites. Now, according to news reports that hit yesterday, those rumors may very well be right. There's a warning in all of this for the United States.


CRM Meets BPM: Turning Customers Into Loyal Fans

In this interactive Webcast from Bank Systems & Technology and Wall Street & Technology, you'll learn how to dramatically improve both your operational efficiencies and your agility in responding to constantly changing consumer demands, by cohesively marrying business process management and CRM to attract satisfied, loyal customers.

It happens Oct. 14.

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