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NYT Misses Data Center Big Picture | iPhone 5 Teardown

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  Tuesday, September 25, 2012
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Apple iPhone 5 Teardown: Visual Tour
By Thomas Claburn
Apple's greatest challenge with the iPhone 5 has to do with its software. Take a look inside the red hot smartphone.
Between The Lines Columnist

Foxconn Factory Riot Blamed On iPhone 5 Rush
6 Features I Want In Future Smartphones

N.Y. Times Data Center Indictment Misses Big Picture
A New York Times examination of increasing data center use and its environmental impact focuses on aging enterprise data centers. A more important issue: How much environmental benefit can we reap from today's modern cloud data centers?

RIM Shows New BlackBerry Hardware Design
Research In Motion hints at the future of the BlackBerry as it shares a hardware reference platform device with a big screen and the latest version of BB 10 operating system.

EHRs Under Fire For Inflating Medicare Bills
HHS, Center for Public Integrity say some healthcare providers are gaming the system to draw higher Medicare reimbursement. Doctors say electronic health records are simply enabling them to bill for things they had done for free in the past.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Adds Compliance Power
Microsoft builds new security tools into latest version of Exchange that are designed to stop compliance breaches before they occur.

Salesforce ChatterBox: 4 Facts SMBs Should Know
Should SMBs drop their existing cloud filesharing and storage tools for's upcoming app?

3 Keys To Big Data Strategy Success
Jaspersoft CEO offers tips for building the best data platform.

Gnip Provides Twitter's Full Public Archive
Want a heaping helping of public opinion? Gnip has a deal for you: Every public tweet since Twitter launched in March 2006.

"Peace and justice are two sides of the same coin." ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower


3 Keys To Big Data Strategy Success
Gnip Provides Twitter's Full Public Archive
Research: 2012 State of IT Outsourcing
Cloud Infrastructure Matters
Apple iOS 6: 10 Most Interesting Features
Selecting the Right Database for the Right Problem
InformationWeek 2013 Virtualization Management Survey

Special Coverage: Big Data

Posted By moarsauce123:
"I think the bigger issue here is that using the apps depends on Internet connectivity and the vendor keeping the machines running."
In reply to: "Why Software-As-A-Service Could Be A Dead End"
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Posted By jasonscott:
"Is Apple Maps as good as Google Maps? No. Not yet, anyway. Give it a rev or two and I suspect it'll be a sweet app. If not, there are plenty of others"
In reply to: "Nokia Kicks Apple's Map In The Apps"
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  Digital Issue  
Upgrading isn't the easy decision that Win 7 was. We take a close look at Server 2012, changes to mobility and security, and more in the new digital issue of InformationWeek.

Also in this issue: Why you should have the difficult conversations about the value of OS and PC upgrades before discussing Windows 8.

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Join us on September 26 for Valley View, our exciting live video show. In addition to an exclusive chat with NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson, and an in-studio interview with CitiGroup CTO Yobie Benjamin, we'll feature our new Elevator Pitch session, a rapid-fire deluge of information about new technology approaches.

One company's elevator pitch we'll be highlighting: Cliqr Technologies.

Cliqr promises businesses a way to migrate enterprise applications to the cloud (with some possible within a day!), and manage those applications security. CEO Gaurav Manglik says that his company's approach doesn't require modifications to applications that tie them to a specific cloud provider, thus also making it easy to migrate applications between clouds, preventing lock in.

Other Elevator Pitches featured: Appthority (Mobile Security), Kontiki (Enterprise Video), Crowdstrike (Enterprise Security), Fusion-io (flash memory for the data center).

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Research: 2012 State of IT Outsourcing
Most of our 564 survey respondents farm out some IT functions, often to a mix of suppliers. But don't immediately think "Asia": Just 4% exclusively use offshore firms. And among consumers of outsourcing services, 54% support legislation that would penalize U.S.-based companies for moving IT jobs overseas.
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Featured Report
Windows 8 Survival Guide: OS and Browser Security
Windows 8 continues the work that Microsoft undertook with Windows 7: to build a more secure operating system and browser from the ground up. The new OS makes significant changes around application controls to limit the fallout of exploits. It also offers improved password management tools, a beefed-up anti-malware package and more encryption options.
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Featured Report


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Cloud Infrastructure Matters
New IT technologies and abstractions, such as cloud computing, layer on top of existing ones. This may make the foundational layers less visible, but they remain just as important (or even more so). Learn about applications with a consistent, certified environment across physical servers, virtual servers, private clouds, and public clouds through both technical certifications and business relationships.
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Content Sharing 2.0: The Road Ahead
Legacy content management and collaboration systems simply weren't designed to meet the evolving requirements of today's IT and business managers, as well as the needs of content users. Learn about cloud-based content storage, access and collaboration services that require virtually no user training and supports file access and delivery on almost all popular PC and mobile devices.
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Apple iOS 6: 10 Most Interesting Features
Apple's iOS 6 has some great tweaks and a few misses. Take our visual tour of the must-know changes.

NASA Curiosity Visual Tour: Mars, Revealed
NASA's car-like Curiosity rover beams back views from the Red Planet, revealing the most detailed depiction of Mars surface to date.

Windows 8 Vs. Windows RT: 8 Key Differences
With the introduction of Windows 8 and Windows RT, Microsoft splits its flagship OS into two distinct flavors. Examine the most important contrasts.

iPhone 5: 10 Best Features
Apple's iPhone 5 big reveal left some smartphone watchers wanting more. Take a look at the key feature changes and judge for yourself.

iPad Mini Leak Looks Legit
Photos of what appear to be a smaller Apple iPad come close to confirming that the device is real.


Apple iOS 6: 10 Most Interesting Features
Apple's iOS 6 has some great tweaks and a few misses. Take our visual tour of the must-know changes.   View Now

My iPhone 4S Upgrade To iOS 6 In Pictures
12 Top Health Apps From Uncle Sam


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Selecting the Right Database for the Right Problem
Columnar, NoSQL, NewSQL and Hadoop are the hot new technologies that are helping companies manage their big data challenges. This webinar will demystify this world, outlining the analytics challenges posed by machine-generated data and giving an overview of the best use cases for these new technologies. It happens Thursday, September 27, 2012. More Information & Registration

This issue sponsored by IBM
Organizations must rigorously protect their data from all threats including malicious attacks that can distort or destroy data, and inadvertent corruption or misuse by employees. Learn how you can benefit from a unified approach.


InformationWeek 2013 Virtualization Management Survey
InformationWeek is conducting a survey on the current state of virtualization. You could win an iPod Touch!
Survey ends Sept. 28

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