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North Carolina To Outsource IT; Windows Phone 7 Slideshow

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TOP STORY: Exclusive: North Carolina To Privatize IT Operations, Jobs

MORE NEWS: Slideshow: Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Revealed

ANALYTIC REPORT: Building A Strong Base For UC In The Cloud

WHITEPAPER: 4 Reasons Why Applications Groups Love Virtualization

SLIDESHOW: Analytics Slideshow: Calculating Cloud ROI

VIDEO: 3 iPad Apps for Remote Access

BLOG: Microsoft Wants Free Testers

WEBCAST: Road Map To Efficiently Sharing Document-Based Information

RESOURCES: Get Live Streaming Video From Black Hat USA

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


"Because of the nature of Moore's law, anything that an extremely clever graphics programmer can do at one point can be replicated by a merely competent programmer some number of years later." --
John Carmack



Exclusive: North Carolina To Privatize IT Operations, Jobs

Outsourcing, consolidation eyed as cash-strapped Tar Heel state looks to tech departments for savings, efficiencies.


Outsourcing Flip-Flop: A CIO Brings IT Back Inside

IT Employment Jumps For First Time Since 2008

How Cloud Computing Changes IT Outsourcing


Slideshow: Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Revealed

Microsoft has completedly updated its mobile operating system with Windows Phone 7, which offers more of a social media focus than one might expect, complete with "hubs" for people, pictures, music, games, and office apps.

Federal Register Gets Web 2.0 Makeover

The site refresh is part of the Obama administration's Open Government Directive to make federal government information and activities more accessible and transparent.

Citibank Warns Of iPhone App Security Flaw

Mobile banking customers in the U.S. who use Citibank's Citi Mobile app have been advised to update the app.

AT&T Expands Wi-Fi Hotzones Trial

Following the success of the Time Square trial, AT&T has announced the launch of a free Wi-Fi hotzone in downtown Charlotte, NC and plans for another in Chicago.

Jailbreaking iPhone Not A Crime Says U.S. Government

The Library of Congress Copyright Office ruling refutes Apple's contention that iPhone buyers are licensees of the technology, not owners, and thereby bound by the company's licensing agreement.

Antenna Fix For White iPhone 4?

Blogosphere conspiracy theorists think Apple is using the delayed white version to test out a new solution to antennagate.

Zeus Malware Anti Piracy Measures Thwarts Competitors, Researchers

Zbot financial malware only works when executed on one specific machine and from one specific path, similar to hardware-based licensing systems employed by major software companies.

FCC, Public Safety Officials Spar Over Wireless Spectrum

Auctioning off prime wireless spectrum to help pay for a public safety network versus giving public safety providers priority access to the D-block is the crux of the battle.

Google Maps 4.4 Adds More To 'Places'

Google has updated Google Maps for Mobile to version 4.4. The new software adds a dedicated tool for seeking out local points of interest.

Global CIO: VMware CEO On Future Of Virtualization: Exclusive Interview

Paul Maritz explains how CIOs can create one giant computer to go beyond CapEx to OpEx reductions and fund new high-value applications.

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Building A Strong Base For UC In The Cloud

Virtualization and cloud computing have taken over the mantle of hottest technology that only a few years ago was held by unified communications, but that doesn't mean it's easy to align the cloud with UC. Still, only by understanding how these and other foundational enterprise technologies are converging can you prepare for a long-term cloud strategy.

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Featured Report

2010 State Of Storage Report

Budgets may be stagnant, but the recession hasn't put a damper on the growth of enterprise data and related storage requirements. Too bad, then, that our infrastructures aren't keeping pace, according to our survey respondents. In this report, we'll analyze poll results and discuss top technologies that can help storage managers do more with less.

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Featured Report


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4 Reasons Why Applications Groups Love Virtualization

Learn how performance advancements in virtualization technology are benefiting development, testing, and deployment activities in Microsoft, Oracle and SAP environments.
Download Now

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Market: Potential Buying Window Beginning to Close?

Find out if it's time for you to replace an outdated ERP solution. The report describes why ERP vendors are offering extraordinary value and how a business-focused ERP implementation can help manage costs while helping you move your business strategy forward.
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Analytics Slideshow: Calculating Cloud ROI

Highlights of exclusive InformationWeek Analytics research as it appears in "Cloud ROI: Calculating Costs, Benefits, Returns," our report and visual case study evaluating the fiscal consideration companies apply before tapping into the public cloud.   View Now


Slideshow: 10 Killer Mac Applications


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3 iPad Apps for Remote Access

We demonstrate 3 iPad apps that provide various forms of remote access. LogMeIn Ignition and Array Networks Desktop Direct provide remote access. Avatron's Air Display turns your iPad into an extra monitor.   Watch


NATO's Robotic Submarine Competition

Part 5: A Gentle Introduction to Parallel Programming




Featured Blogger

Microsoft Wants Free Testers

By Dave Methvin

Writing software is hard, but testing software and finding bugs can be harder. That's why companies like Google and Mozilla pay upwards of a $3,000 bounty to anyone who reports a serious security bug in their browsers. Don't expect anything more than an attaboy if you find a hole in Internet Explorer, though.


AT&T, A Leading Wi-Fi Network Supplier?

By Paul Korzeniowski

AT&T has decided to expand a pilot program where the company supplements its cellular services with Wi-Fi connections. The carrier green lighted such a deployment in Charlotte, NC and has plans to roll out similar services in Chicago, moves that could be precursors to changes in cellular coverage.

How Hospitals Are Helping Doctors Achieve Meaningful Use

By Marianne Kolbasuk McGee

Hospital executives aren't just worried about having their own organizations meet the federal government's meaningful use requirements; they're also concerned about their affiliated and owned doctor practices achieving the goals. In fact, many hospitals are assisting (or plan to help) doctors to get on board with e-health records even as those hospitals struggle with their own projects.

Mozilla Patches Critical Firefox Security Patch

By George Hulme

Just a few days after issuing more than a dozen security updates, many of them critical, the foundation that published the popular Firefox web browser issues a patch to fix its patch.

Windows Phone 7 As Web 2.0 Pacesetter?

By Alexander Wolfe

Possibly my perspective is collaboratively twisted, because I've been spending so much time looking into Enterprise 2.0 technologies. Probably that's why I think all the chatter about Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 is missing the point in comparing the new mobile platform to iPhone and Android. What Microsoft is doing is brilliant: they're bringing Web 2.0-ness to mobile more forcefully than any of their competitors.


Road Map To Efficiently Sharing Document-Based Information

Hear how Global Aerospace has crafted a strategy to stay ahead of the curve by taking a global approach to managing content and content-centric processes. Learn how the appropriate ECM solution can provide insurance companies with an efficient, cost-effective way to manage and share critical content and processes, as well as help organizations successfully address regulatory requirements, security concerns and underwriting challenges.

It happens Tuesday, Aug. 10.

More Information & Registration


Get Live Streaming Video From Black Hat USA

This year, thousands of security professionals from around the world are making plans to be a part of Black Hat USA 2010. But not all of those people will actually be in Las Vegas. With Black Hat Uplink, you can experience essential content that shapes the security industry for the coming year.

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InformationWeek Analytics is conducting a survey to determine what's important to you when you're choosing data center networking vendors as well as how the vendors are actually doing against those criteria.

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