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Zyrion Releases Traverse For Business Service Management

Zyrion, a business service management (BSM) software provider, has announced the release of their Traverse Data Center Edition suite, which runs increasingly complex IT systems. Zyrion is also upgrading its Traverse data-gathering software used by managed service providers (MSPs). Traverse Data Center Edition is a complement to Zyrion's existing software package for MSPs and is targeted at mid-to-large enterprises that run their own IT systems and employ next-generation technology such as virtualization, cloud computing and grid architectures, said Vikas Aggarwall, Zyrion CEO.

Meanwhile, Traverse network monitoring software is upgraded to version 5.1 featuring Data-Gathering Engine (DGE) Extensions that monitor the activity on servers and other equipment at remote data centers and send that data back to system administrators. "This is the new feature in 5.1 where you can actually go ahead and put these DGEs in the cloud and they will monitor your infrastructure there," said Aggarwall. Traverse 5.1 also integrates Google Maps technology to provide a virtual image of the data center. Just as you zoom in on an image of a physical location in Google Maps, you can zoom in on a view of the data center, zoom in further to a cluster of servers or zoom in again to see what virtual servers and applications are running on an individual physical server.

"With the whole cloud computing paradigm, what has happened is people are more worried about where the data is living," Aggarwall said. "People would like to visualize and see how the collectors are located ... and see where all the infrastructure is located."

The "big four" in the business service management software market are HP, IBM Tivoli, CA Unicenter and BMC software, according to Aggarwall. They serve Fortune 1000 companies, but Zyrion serves customers below that line. One of Zyrion's closest competitors, Nimsoft, was acquired by CA in a $350 million all-cash deal that was completed March 19.