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Xythos' Enterprise Document Management Suite

Collaboration Station

For uploading docs, I chose to drag and drop them from my local file system to my home directory in EDMS using IE's Web folders.

For doc sharing, Xythos maintains one copy of the file on the server, which can be locked to prevent others from changing the file while you're working on it. Xythos doesn't e-mail documents; rather, it uses an intelligent URL link, or intellilink. Admin configuration options for file sharing are accessed from the Manage icon next to the file. This lets you set up collaboration, workflow and file properties, including logging and versioning instructions and user tickets, to define user access to the document with R/O (read-only) or R/W (read-write) permissions and limit access by time.


• Strong library services for document management
• WebDAV, SMB/CIFS support
• Easy, reusable workflow configurations


• No independent audit for file and directory logs
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