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XConnect Announces First IPX Platform Integrated With GSMA's PathFinder Service

LONDON, May 12. XConnect, the leader in next-generation interconnection and carrier ENUM-registry services, today announced availability of the first IP eXchange (IPX) platform to offer seamless integration with PathFinder, the GSMA's Number Translation Service, enabling interoperability and convergence between fixed and mobile networks. A full suite of IPX services is available within XConnect's national federation environments in North America, Korea, Europe and South Africa, as well as accessible from XConnect's points of presence globally.

Based on standards and specifications developed by the GSMA, the XConnect IPX platform enables network operators to optimize routing and signaling and deliver new IP services via a high-quality, secure, managed IP connection with support for multiple commercial models.

"Our IPX offering provides operators a universal IP gateway through which to exchange multiple forms of traffic, bridging the gap between fixed and mobile networks," said XConnect CEO Eli Katz. "The IPX hub, combined with the GSMA's PathFinder Service and our ENUM registry services, augments our leadership in helping service providers migrate to IP communications securely and scalably. Joining the growing IPX community will enable us to extend customer benefits, including lower costs, higher service quality, and revenue growth from delivering advanced services across networks."

"It is critical that as service providers move to IP-based services, other networks know how to deliver traffic in the right format on a subscriber-by-subscriber basis," said Adrian Dodd, senior director, managed services at the GSMA. "Integrating PathFinder with XConnect's network provides a simple interoperable way for the GSMA's carrier ENUM community to discover how to route inbound traffic to XConnect's customers and also makes PathFinder's market-leading coverage of number portability data available to XConnect."

The XConnect platform offers a global, trusted IPX hub with benefits including:
  --  Support of multiple services - voice, data and signaling - over a
      single IP connection underpinned by policy control between network
  --  Improved voice quality and support for higher-value multimedia
      services, such as high-definition voice and video, on a cross-network
  --  Full integration with the GSMA's PathFinder Service through the
      existing XConnect SuperQuery capability.
  --  Highly-available, globally-distributed carrier ENUM registry
      deployments, on both a local and hosted basis.
  --  Reduction of capital and operating expenses, transit charges, and
      resource requirements for managing peering relationships and
      maintaining network connectivity.