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Web App Performance Management; Scalable Switches

Empirix OneSight 4.8

Empirix promises improved emulation of the end-user experience in its soon-to-be-released OneSight 4.8 Web application performance-management solution. By developing transactions for analysis based on browser-object models rather than protocol streams, OneSight adapts easily to the protocol-level variation of highly dynamic sites. Empirix's VisualScript technology lets you script virtual customer transactions without having to code in a proprietary language manually. Automatic performance tracking is used to guarantee SLAs (service-level agreements). Testing data is taken from Empirix's integrated e-Test Web testing solution. Available: Dec. 15. Starts at $50,000. Empirix, (866) 228-3781, (781) 993-8500.

Xora GPS TimeTrack 1.2

Xora's GPS TimeTrac 1.2 offers improved tracking of mobile workers, which means quicker dispatches to customer sites. Also new to version 1.2 are customizable transaction records. Scheduled reporting lets managers tailor business reports to be downloaded at preset intervals for recording and analysis. Mobile workers clock in and out, record job details and transmit the data wirelessly via their phones. They can be tracked on the job as well to increase productivity. $11.99 per user per month, plus a one-time setup fee of $24.99 per user. Xora, (650) 314-6460.

Azimuth Systems 800W

Comprehensive testing and benchmarking of WLAN environments is the goal of Azimuth Systems' 800W Chassis analysis platform series. With eight slots that scale up to 16 access points and thousands of clients, the 800W analyzes the effect of mobility on both the wireless device and network performance. The W series comprises a comprehensive array of test modules for testing, emulation and radio-frequency analysis, as well as a library of scripts and test suites. Starts at $40,000. Azimuth Systems, (978) 263-6610.

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