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Voltage's E-mail Encryption as a Service

The Voltage Security Network (VSN) enables e-mail encryption through software as a service (SaaS). Voltage manages all the hardware and software necessary to encrypt e-mail using identity-based encryption (IBE). IBE uses any arbitrary string, such as an e-mail address, as a public key.

VSN supports Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. To send encrypted e-mail from Outlook, users must sign on to the VSN network and install a plug-in that adds a "Send Encrypted" button to the UI. Members of the VSN network can also send encrypted messages using any browser by logging on to the Zero Download Messenger service, part of the VSN network. Recipients receive an HTML link that takes them to the decrypted message. The VSN does not store messages--they are kept in the recipient's inbox. Annual licenses for individuals start at $95, with volume discounts available.