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VMware Launches Virtualization Management Package for SMBs

Virtualization software vendor VMware is releasing a new software bundle designed to give small and midsize businesses (SMBs) a much-needed assist in managing their virtual infrastructures. The software could also go a long way toward helping the company extend its market reach.

VMware has been giving users a free taste of server virtualization for almost a year now, and they know it doesn't take very long for companies to realize that the real key to efficient virtualization is having the right tools to manage a virtual infrastructure. By offering VirtualCenter at a price point targeted at SMB's, VMware is making a smart move to build greater marketshare in smaller environments that may have been avoiding virtualization due to software costs.
Steven Hill
NWC Storage and Servers Editor

Designed for organizations using the free VMware Server hosted software package, the $1,500 VirtualCenter for VMware Server software boasts capabilities the company says will help even small businesses remove much of the complexity associated with administering virtual environments. A VMware spokesperson says the new bundle will give SMBs an easy entree into virtualization, giving these organizations the administrative control they need to cut costs and react more quickly to shifting corporate requirements.

VirtualCenter for VMware Server claims a number of key, enterprise-class capabilities, including centralized management for all virtual machines and hosts. System administrators can stave off performance problems by setting alerts and automating actions when conditions such as CPU utilization cross a predefined threshold. The new management software also offers rapid server provisioning, which lets companies slash server set-up time from days or hours to minutes.

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