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Vitesse Delivers Lowest Power Carrier Ethernet Functionality For Stackable Enterprise Applications

CAMARILLO, Calif.(BUSINESS WIRE) Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation, a leading provider of advanced IC solutions for Carrier and Enterprise networks, today introduced a simplified, low-power solution for high-density Gigabit Ethernet(GE) switching with its VSC7432 (E-StaX-III-48) and VSC7434 (E-StaX-III-68). When combined with Vitesse's SimpliPHY GE PHYs, the E-StaX-III GE switch engines set a new benchmark, delivering 30 percent lower power consumption than competitive solutions in a three-chip design, and making them ideal for cost-effective managed Layer 2 and Layer 3 stackable Enterprise switches.

This E-StaX-III switch engine family underscores Vitesse's strategy of bringing cost-effective carrier network features to traditional Enterprise network equipment. Low latency, high security and advanced Quality of Service (QoS) features lend themselves readily to applications such as IPTV, media conferencing, and VoIP. Extensive queuing and traffic statistics provide simplified traffic provisioning, monitoring, and management to meet the performance requirements of next-generation LANs.

The E-StaX-III switch engines provide fast forwarding with a simplified software management environment, including a single point of management that can oversee up to 768 1-GB ports and 32 10-GB ports. Typical time for failover switching between terminating traffic on one stack and recovering traffic on another stack is less than 100 ms. Worst-case latency is reduced by 50-percent within a stack, or in best cases up to 90-percent over less sophisticated management solutions.

E-StaX-III switch engines represent a power-optimized way to accelerate control-plane and datapath applications, with a 416-MHz MIPS processor on-chip serving management functions, and a VCAP-II Ternary CAM processor accelerating such datapath functions as packet classification, snooping, redirection, mirroring, and frame filtering.

"The unique stacking ports on E-StaX-III allow stacking connectivity between switches with no additional devices needed and over very cost efficient HDMI-like cables with up to 12G full duplex traffic forwarding per stacking port," said Martin Olsen, product marketing manager at Vitesse. "As the industry's lowest chip count solution for Carrier-oriented Enterprise applications, our customers can realize unprecedented BOM cost savings."

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