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Visual Networks Announces VoIP Monitoring And Consulting Services

Visual Networks Inc. has announced a suite of on-site voice over IP (VoIP) monitoring and consulting services for enterprises.

Using its UpTime Select software, Visual's new services range from two to five day assessments of an enterprise's VoIP and network performance to on-going engagements. Whatever the duration, the services will provide of diagnostic network health reports based upon real-time customer traffic. Visual will analyze existing levels and bandwidth usage and throughput measurements, recommend network changes to optimize VoIP and suggest circuit upgrades and Class of Service (CoS) prioritization.

The Visual service reports will quantify round trip delay, jitter, packet delivery ratio, availability, bandwidth utilization, and granular burst analysis for each enterprise site. Customers will be able to identify which applications and servers at each site account for the majority of bandwidth consumption.

"By offering a wide range of VoIP analysis services to our existing and prospective customers, we are providing enterprises the flexibility to choose the one that best meets their varying business needs," Visual Networks president and CEO Larry Barker said in a stateent. "Using our services, enterprises can analyze their own real-time traffic, thereby obtaining detailed evaluations of network readiness and capacity requirements before deployment or receive granular insight into current VoIP service levels."