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Verizon Wireless's BroadbandAccess Gets Software Support

Verizon Wireless's BroadbandAccess high-speed wireless network will be supported by user-oriented software that facilitates access to e-mail, Internet surfing, and file uploads and downloads. The single, unified software application has been created by Smith Micro Technology.

The Smith Micro offering works with Verizon Wireless's VZAccess Manager, which enables subscribers to BroadbandAccess to manage their phones across the country. The wireless service provider has operated the high-speed network in San Diego and Washington since the end of 2003, and is currently building out the network in major U.S. cities.

"The new tool is a single, unified application supporting Verizon Wireless's BroadbandAccess (EV-DO) and National Access (1xRTT) data services and customers' own Wi-Fi and dialup via IS95A networks," the firms stated. Subscribers will be able to obtain the VZAccess Manager offering with Verizon Wireless's Mobile Office kits.

The new software will enable subscribers to obtain VPN connections and Wi-Fi links as well. Verizon Wireless said VZAccess Manager automatically senses whether a subscriber is linked to BroadbandAccess, NationalAccess, or Wi-Fi cards and then sets up the subscriber's computer in minutes.