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Veritas Adds Automated Recovery Tools To Bare Metal Restore

Veritas on Monday unveiled Bare Metal Restore 4.7, disaster recovery software that integrates automated recovery tools for heterogeneous server enterprises.

The new recovery package boasts an 'external procedures' feature that lets IT administrators create custom scripts at various points in the data recovery process to automate bringing servers back up after failure or a natural disaster.

Another new feature in Bare Metal Restore 4.7 -- called 'dissimilar system restore' -- lets IT personnel restore a Windows system to target hardware that's different from the original's, allowing them to bring up a backup device with the original's complete configuration of server operating system and applications.

Veritas has also expanded the software's OS support to include Windows Server 2003, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1, and IBM AIX 5.2.

Scheduled to ship in early February, Bare Metal Restore 4.7 will be priced at $900 per Windows client and $1,000 per Unix/Linux client.