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USLEC Targets Mid And Large Businesses With Data, IP Offerings

Regional carrier US LEC or Charlotte, N.C., introduced two new voice and data products designed for mid-to-large sized businesses. Customers who often (but not always) need high-capacity DS3 and OC3 throughput can use the carrier's Burstable Dedicated Internet product. Officials say it will provide customers with the flexibility to accommodate Internet bandwidth needs at peak times of Internet traffic, while only requiring the purchase of a smaller, committed bandwidth amount for normal Internet use.

Another offering, the Multi-Link FAST Pipe, applies Frame Relay technology technology to its Internet service. The solution allows incremental linking of multiple DS1 lines, so that customers do not need to purchase the more expensive DS3 facilities to increase capacity. The carrier states that, by allowing Internet traffic to travel over multiple facilities as though they were a single line, information can be transported more quickly and at lower cost.