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US Wireless Online Intros VoIP Service Based On Pre-WiMAX

US Wireless Online is the latest telecommunications service provider to unveil a VoIP service. The firm is using a forward-looking approach with pre-WiMAX deployment, the company said in announcing the Internet telephoning service Monday.

US Wireless Online also said it plans to become the nation's first "coast-to-coast" wireless broadband solutions provider by acquiring "like-minded companies" as it expands its footprint beyond its current 11-state territory.

The company said it has been working on its VoIP launch for several months and waited to announce the service until it had bugs and potential service problems worked out.

"We are not locked in to supporting only the SIP protocol," said the firm's Thomas J. Busic, chief operating officer and senior vice president of engineering, in a statement. "Instead, we can implement a wide range of VoIP protocols, providing more flexibility in application delivery. To our knowledge, we are the only 'pure play' wireless broadband provider to offer our own VoIP phone service."

Assisted by VocalData in developing its VoIP offering, US Wireless Online said the service will also support IP protocols MGCP, SCCP, and MiNET.

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