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Tsohiba IK-WB11A Network Camera: Toshiba's Answer to Wireless Video

I connected the camera to our Syracuse University Real-World Labs® network to test its functionality in a conventional environment. On the software side, you must have the most recent version of JRE (Java Runtime Environment)--version 1.4.2 in this case--and Toshiba's Camera Finder software running on a Windows PC. The JRE, required for viewing of a live stream, provides a more fluid video than other higher priced cameras such as the WallBotz 500. Once I installed the software, the camera finder searched the network for attached Toshiba cameras and let me log in through the Web interface.

The interface is intuitive and simple to use, and offers a variety of configuration options, ranging from optic properties to network and security settings. Most notable were the options to put up a privacy mask, store video on a built-in SD card slot, set up multiscreen mode and enable e-mail alerts if configured alarms are triggered.

The camera also can be attached to an external microphone and to a dry contact sensor to detect an opened door or window.

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