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Traxi Unveils Software To Integrate VoIP, Enterprise Apps

Traxi Technologies, LLC yesterday unveiled a new member of its Volcrum product family designed to integrate voice over IP (VoIP) telephony with enterprise applications.

Volcrum Voice adds call recording, call storage, and call reporting functions to a VoIP phone system. The web-based application's call recording component can archive calls for subsequent searching and playback. According to Traxi, Volcrum Voice is both highly customizable and flexible and can integrate easily with any application from packaged software to proprietary applications.

"We are seeing a tremendous amount of companies replacing, or upgrading, internal phone systems and applications," Traxi President Lou Person said in a statement. "Over half of those making the change are moving to VoIP because they are interested in the additional applications VoIP provides, such as phone and data integration. Volcrum Voice implements that vision one step further and increases the application richness of the phone system. One of its many capabilities, Volcrum Voice can integrate your contact database and record calls for subsequent mining and playback".

Last month, Traxi launched its Volcrum VoIP middleware application designed to integrate voice networks with enterprise tools like customer relationship management (CRM), to complement its a comprehensive range of VoIP integration services. In addition to its application offerings, the company offers a continuous help desk and monitoring service and what it calls "total voice and data redundancy" to provide disaster relief and business continuity to its customers.