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The Traveler's Toolkit: 13 Essential Items For The Road

Once upon a time, business travel seemed so glamorous. In this long-outdated fantasy, you'd jet off to exotic locales, do important business, see amazing things, then return, on time, to the loving arms of family and friends.

That fantasy seems particularly quaint in these days of endless security lines, shrinking coach cabin space, almost-predictable delays, and ever-rising prices. Because travel can be such a trial, it's more important than ever to be properly equipped.

The Traveler's Toolkit

•  Getting There

•  Getting And Staying Connected

•  Staying Organized And Efficient

•  Staying Entertained

To make your on-the-go life easier, we've assembled our top picks for the well-appointed traveler's toolkit. This baker's dozen of travel tools will help you get to where you're going easily, communicate clearly, and stay organized, efficient, secure and entertained. Some of these items are gadgets, while some are services. Some you attach to your notebook or cell phone, while others can be stowed away and forgotten until you need them in an emergency. We've even included a state-of-the-art carry-on bag.

To make this list, tools must be both essential and elegant. In other words, these aren't nice-to-have items, but are well-designed must-haves that are worth the trouble of buying and carrying with you.

No, these products won't make the airlines run on time, provide more space in coach class, or solve the myriad other frustrations of business travel. But they'll help you travel with more peace of mind, simplicity, and, yes, flair.

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