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Thinstall, LanDesk Partner on Desktop Virtualization

Thinstall today said it is working with LANDesk Software on a new standalone product that will combine technologies from both vendors to make it easier for enterprises to create and deploy virtualized applications.

Partnering with LANDesk makes sense for Thinstall, as competitors Microsoft and Altiris already offer both application virtualization and desktop management. The combination of LANDesk's license tracking with Thinstall's clientless, user-mode technology could give them an edge over the competition. However, the product that ships today is just a LANDesk branded version of the Thinstall software. To realize the full benefits, customers must wait until the two vendors have integrated their products, a process that LANDesk says will take about three months.
Andy Dornan
NWC Contributing Editor

Thinstall's software packages virtualized applications into executable files and then distributes them to systems where they run in user mode. This approach isolates the applications from the host PC in order to preserve stable and secure end-user systems.

In the new product, those apps will then be delivered to desktops via the LANDesk Management suite, which will administer service delivery and automate change management.

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