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Telecom Market To See Huge Boom

The worldwide telecommunications markets are growing at a remarkable pace, according to a report released today from Research and Markets.The report predicts the market will double from $123 billion in 2004 to $282 billion by 2010. In addition, the report contends that Internet-based communications systems are vastly improving the efficiency of the supply chain for the largest 5000 companies worldwide.

According to the research, digital, IP, and Ethernet will replace all other protocols. The convergence of networks is to IP, because of its speed and seamless quality. How quickly the TDM networks will be replaced with the new technology is a question to be answered in the near future. In addition, 3G base stations are likely to coexist with WiMAX 802.16 base stations in metro environments. Worldwide telecommunications and communications equipment market forecasts show strong growth in very large existing markets. Markets at $197.6 billion in 2005 are anticipated to reach $446.9 billion by 2010.