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Telcove Launches VoIP Service For Enterprises, Service Providers

TelCove has unveiled a new VoIP service for enterprise and service provider customers in 70 markets on the East coast of the United States.

Carried over the its private IP backbone, TelCove's Network VoIP Service delivers end-to-end quality of service (QoS), the company says, and maps VoIP traffic to the highest network level available. The service supports a range of customer premises equipment, access devices and handsets.

According to TelCove senior vice president of product development and engineering Craig Drinkhall, the company is well prepared to offer an enterprise-class VoIP solution. "TelCove is uniquely positioned to provide high quality VoIP business services because we own and manage the infrastructure supporting the entire life or stream of the IP call," he said in a statement. "We install fiber connections directly to customer premises. We have our own IP backbone network. And, we have our own interface to the PSTN. We offer a truly end-to-end solution."

Available in both standards and premium feature levels and price points, TelCove's Network VoIP Service offers a wide range of features from call control and messaging to remote and mobile worker integration. According to TelCove, the service is both highly scalable and features what the company describes as "inherent" disaster recovery capabilities.