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Style Conscious

This is the age of analyzing everything ad nauseum so why should examining management styles be any different. Consider yourself -- or own boss--what is your manager's administrative philosphy? Is your boss a micromanager who needs to weigh in on every decision or a laid back manager who may be a little too distant when you need a backup? Or does your boss employ a crisis management style where it is all about command and control, even when there is no emergency?The last style is the one that consulting firm 5-D labels as bad for business, resulting in low employee morale and high turnover rates. While there is certainly a time and a place for crisis management, for most businesses there is no room for day-to-day disaster-style personnel administration. Instead of inspiring staff members to action, crisis management is more likely to have a Chicken Little impact. And the sky can't always be falling, right?

5-D makes some recommendations for what does work with regard to managing personnel that are, like most intuitive advice, pretty much right on the money. The consulting firm recommends laying out a "clear and compelling picture" of any projects objectives to motivate employees. The firm also advises mentoring employees and working to create a harmonious team. 5-D says save the crisis management for a genuine emergency but then, don't hesitate to pull it out and use it.