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Study: WLAN Security Market To Grow Rapidly

Now that wireless LAN (WLAN) deployments in enterprises are starting to increase at a steady pace, the market for WLAN security is sure to also grow rapidly, according to a study released Wednesday by market research firm Frost & Sullivan.

However, the WLAN security market, while it will grow rapidly, also is volatile, according to the author of the study.

"Network security is a moving target and threat is met with solution in an almost continuous cycle; hence, security is never absolutely assured," Wai Sing Lee, an analyst for the research firm, said in a statement. " "Market participants need to find ways to reassure end users about continued technological progress to increase enterprise WLAN adoptions."

Another issue leading to volatility in the market is the fact that there is confusion over standards such as 802.11i and the most cost-effective ways to provide security, the report concluded.

Security vendors have already started to respond to these issues, according to the report.

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