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Storage Vendors Converge Around SANs, Backup

Vendors exhibiting at the Storage Networking World conference in Phoenix introduced a number of new products in the past few days. And their offerings fell broadly into a couple different camps: improving SAN management or reducing their complexity; and easing backup processes, regardless of the media in question.

Crossroads Systems Inc. unveiled its 6240 storage router for improving use and management of high-performance tape libraries. The router includes dual network ports and four device ports for port aggregation and to reduce SAN complexity. The 6240 has an end-to-end throughput of up to 300 megabytes per second and provides fast tape reads and writes while handling backup and restore tasks.

The storage router also supports next generation high-performance SCSI tape drives including Linear Tape-Open (LTO) 2 and Super Digital Linear Tape (SDLT) drives. The 6240 is available immediately.

Atempo Inc. introduced its Storage Assessor, which gauges the performance, status and utilization of network hardware, software and connectivity. The results then permit companies to address storage allocation issues, plan migrations or consolidation and reduce risks, the vendor said. The quantitative results are delivered in easily read graphics.

Storage Assessor also delivers inventory and capacity usage summaries; detailed inventory of fabric, application servers and storage; and file type analysis. The product is available immediately; the vendor released no pricing information.

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