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SQL Server 2000 Helps Locate Deadbeat Parents

The state-government market continues to be a proving ground for VAR-launched projects on the cutting edge, changing the very essence of how government works.

Recently completed and ongoing projects throughout the country are saving state governments money and time, and increasing efficiency and information-sharing in ways that couldn't have been imagined even three years ago. And the ultimate customers--the state's citizen taxpayers--are seeing the difference.

The success of such projects is fueling the anticipated growth in state-government IT spending that--in light of how tight budgets are these days--are still projected to grow at least incrementally: Spending for state-government IT is expected to reach $32 billion this year, and will grow to nearly $34 billion by 2006, according to Fed Sources, a McLean, Va.-based market research firm. Expect more if there's a turnaround in the budget woes, experts say.

Following is an excerpt from 5 Outstanding State Solutions , in which we detail how one state teamed up with a proven value-added reseller and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to find a better way to track down deadbeat dads.

The Challenge: Getting deadbeat dads (and the occasional MIA mom) to pay up

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