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Spammer Settles For $1 Million, Goes Straight

A 24-year-old Texas spammer who settled lawsuits with Microsoft and the state of Texas has seen the truth and the light, and says he's launching an anti-spam security service.

Ryan Pitylak, who graduated from the University of Texas last month, admitted sending 25 million e-mails a day during the peak of his spam operation in 2004. For his troubles, he was fined more than $1 million, which forced him to sell off assets that included a $430,000 Texas home and a 2005 BMW. He was also banned from sending spam.

Although the settlement was reached last month, details were not publicized by either Microsoft or the office of the Texas attorney general. According to the Chicago Tribune, information on Pitylak and his case were discovered during a review of public files.

Pitylak's spam touted low-cost mortgages, extended car warranties, and debt-counseling services, said the Tribune. In 2005, Pitylak was listed as the world's fourth-worst spammer by the anti-spam site.

Saturday, Pitylak claimed that he'd changed his ways.

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