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Soyo Group Launches VoIP Gateway Line

Best known for its PC motherboards and systems and peripherals, the Soyo Group has launched a line of voice over IP (VoIP) gateways for carriers, VoIP wholesalers and small and medium businesses.

The Z-Connect N400 VoIP gateways support up to four analog telephone lines and come in single and dual-mode versions. The N400DM dual-mode gateway manages incoming calls from both IP networks or public switched telephone network (PSTN). Its intelligent switching feature automatically routs outgoing calls over either IP or PSTN networks in order to take advantage of the lowest available rates.

Users can assign individual direct inward dialing (DID) numbers for each line in order to receive calls from any IP or PSTN telephone. The gateways are designed to be compatible with a wide range of networks and broadband access devices, and the N400DM connects easily to existing public branch exchange (PBX) hardware.

"Existing phones, phone lines, and data lines converge into a powerful business tool, all managed transparently by our gateways," Soyo president and CEO Ming Chok said in a statement. "Users simply plug their phone or fax lines into the gateway, or connect the gateway directly to the PBX. In keeping with our desire to help business owners gain maximum value from their existing infrastructure, the PBX does not have to be reconfigured, no expensive additional equipment is required, and familiar dialing patterns are not altered."