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Solaris Boasts Improved Security, Performance And Virtualization

Sun Microsystems has some upgrades to its Solaris operating system designed to increase speed and flexibility in the offing, the company announced in mid-September.

Mark Tolliver, executive vice president of marketing and strategy and chief strategy officer at Sun, used his keynote presentation at the SunNetwork Conference, held this week in San Francisco, to tell a crowd of corporate users and channel partners about some of changes they should expected.

Tolliver touted Solaris as the most stable operating system on the market, especially with its binary compatibility across platforms and between version numbers. For instance, when Sun upgraded from version 8 to version 9 of Solaris, the company had to migrate 233 applications to the new operating system, he said. "Two-hundred thirty-two applications had no problem," he said. "We fixed Solaris, not the application, so now we're 233 for 233."

For the next version of Solaris, dubbed Solaris Next by Tolliver, Sun will incorporate most of the security features of Trusted Solaris, the company's security-hardened version of the operating system, said Tolliver.

Sun is also planning to add a new feature--Advanced Tracing--which Tolliver said will allow administrators to monitor the network across the entire network environment and across all processes.

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