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'Skype Killer' Products To Do Battle In Marketplace

While Skype and its VoIP copycats continue their explosive growth, opposition to the P2P application may be growing. At least that's the view as seen by vendors touting a new class of "Skype killer" product.

Skype is generating alarm among many IT managers who are concerned that the P2P solution is infiltrating their networks without their knowledge and without their knowing the impact of the VoIP technology, according to some vendors selling gear that can control Skype.

"Skype is an unauthorized application," said Chris King, product marketing manager at Blue Coat Systems whose ProxySG appliance can control Skype. "There are security issues, and there are network performance issues."

Unlike the telecommunications companies that complain about the loss of revenue to Skype, IT and network managers are concerned more about security issues and network overloads, King said in an interview this week.

Unauthorized Skype traffic on enterprise networks "can use up chunks of bandwidth" when "supernodes" and routers are overwhelmed, the product marketing manager at Blue Coat said.

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