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Silicom Integrates "Tapping" Device Directly Into Network Cards

Silicom has enhanced its multi-port, security-oriented, Ethernet network adapters by the addition of a "tapping" device that allows for non-intrusive network monitoring, "sniffing," analysis, and troubleshooting without compromising connectivity or traffic flow.

The company's Multiport Ethernet Adapters are designed to be used in high-performance server/security networks and appliances. By integrating "tapping" devices directly into the adapters, the company claims, the cost, footprint, and number of components can be reduced when designing networks, while increasing reliability. The company also claims that the flexible design of the boards, in both copper and fiber, also allows additional modes of operation to be incorporated (such as a Bypass mode), making it easier to implement security in diversified applications.

"Our innovative Tap-NIC solution addresses the need for reasonably-priced, small footprint, highly-reliable ways to provide a variety of functions within security and other types of network appliances," Shaike Orbach, Silicom's President and CEO said in a statement.