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Sigma Debuts Self-Service Portal For VoIP Providers

Sigma Systems has launched a new customer self-service portal application for cable network operators offering voice over IP (VoIP) services.

The Sigma Voice Client Services Center (CSC) allows operators to provide customers with interactive self-serve tools to manage their voice services. It gives customers greater autonomy to change their account settings and service information and select new services and features. According to Sigma, by removing much of the call center involvement in day-to-day service upgrades and routine service modification, the CSC portal can help diminish the costs associated with providing current and future services.

The CSC portal also allows provides cable operators with rapid service definition and deployment capabilities, allowing them to test new service offerings with less call-center involvement. Indeed, according to Sigma vice president of product marketing Preston Gilmer, the CSC portal's self-service functionality gives multiple service operators the ability to maintain competitive parity with single-service VoIP providers. He noted that at least one tier-one cable operator plans to deploy the CSC portal this year.

"With the Sigma Voice CSC, we continue to innovate and build product capabilities needed by cable operators to remain competitive," Gilmer said in a statement. "Sigma's new self- service portal provides measurable cost savings, stimulates new revenue, and provides 'client services control' with greater subscriber autonomy and flexibility."