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Sanyo Introduces Underwater HD Camera

Sanyo Intros Waterproof HD Camera
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Sanyo Intros Waterproof HD Camera

Sanyo has introduced a true high-definition waterproof camera for people looking to capture their outdoor adventures in the last weeks of summer.

The Dual-Camera Xacti, model VPC-CA102YL, takes full HD videos at 1920 x 1080 pixels and stores them on a single 64 GB SDXC memory card. The camera also takes still photos with a resolution of 14 megapixels.

Designed for outdoor use, the latest Xacti can take pictures and video from a depth of 10 feet underwater. The camera fits in the palm of the user's hand and is small enough to be carried in a pocket or purse.

"This is the take everywhere camera, water, snow or land," Tom Van Voy, VP and general manager of Sanyo North America's Digital Solutions Division, said in a statement.

The device uses the MPEG-4 video format, which can be posted on blogs, social networks and other sites offering multimedia services. Photos and videos also can be displayed on digital televisions.

The camera includes a "double-range zoom" that can take video at a 12x zoom from wide angle to telephoto. The device also has a 5x optical zoom and can take up to 22 photos at 7 frames per second.

The camera supports SD, SHC or SDXC memory cards. The latter has a capacity up to 2 TB. Also, multiple video and photo modes are available for more efficient memory use, and a single battery charge allows about 60 minutes of continuous HD filming.

Other features include a 2.7-inch TFT LDC display that can be turned 285 degrees and a Mini-HDMI port for connecting to an HDTV. The camera weighs 5.5 ounces measurers roughly three 3 inches wide, 1.5 inches deep and 4 inches high.

Sanyo released the first commercial high-definition video camera in 2006. The $800 Xacti HD1 was a 5.1 megapixel camera with a 10x optical zoom lens. The device could also record 42 minutes of 720p HD video on a 2 GB card. It weighed 8.3 ounces.

The latest Xacti is available this month for a manufacturer suggested retail price of $350.


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