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SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- (NYSE: CRM) , the enterprise cloud computing company, today announced five-minute upgrades and a new partnership with Cisco, further extending its leadership position in cloud computing and bringing Service Cloud 2 to companies of all sizes. Companies will be able to access the Service Cloud 2 even during planned maintenance windows with the new five-minute upgrade technology. Making industry leading service and support technology available to companies of all sizes, and Cisco unveiled a complete call center running entirely in the cloud with a combined solution integrating telephony with CRM. The five-minute upgrade technology and new solution with Cisco are delivered with Service Cloud 2,'s next generation solution for customer service. The Service Cloud 2 exponentially increases the quality of service, while lowering the cost, by leveraging the expertise of the community.

The New Standard for Contact Centers - The Five-Minute Upgrade

Upgrades and planned maintenance windows have always been viewed as a necessary evil in the world of software. Many times these upgrades actually made the application less useful with broken customizations and integrations. Ten years ago, built applications on the multi-tenant, real-time platform and was able to deliver completely seamless and invisible upgrades to customers three times a year. delivered the industry's best technology, upgrades that improved its applications, and did it all without creating headaches for companies.

Today, is unveiling another revolution for the cloud computing industry with the new five-minute upgrade. The five-minute upgrade represents an incredible technology achievement demonstrating the power of the platform and infrastructure. Never before have companies been able to take advantage of the latest technology innovations and evolve their customer service at the rate they are able to with the Service Cloud 2. is the only company able to provide its customers with the five-minute upgrade technology, which will deliver:

Access: Now, companies will have read-only access to their Service Cloud 2 deployment during planned maintenance windows, enabling companies to continue servicing their customers all while going through a full upgrade. Maintenance windows will allow customers to access their data in read-only mode for the duration of the maintenance, except during a five-minute cut-over time, setting the new standard that all cloud computing applications will be measured against.

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