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Quick Takes: Load-Balancing; Network Simulation

Coyote Point Systems Equalizer 7.0

Coyote Point Systems has enhanced its Equalizer 7.0 E450 Layer 7-enabled load-balancing appliance by adding a dual gigabit Ethernet interface. The E450 also comes with a 1-GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM, and promises load-balancing capability for an unlimited number of 64-server clusters. The XCEL SSL hardware acceleration module can be added on for sites with SSL traffic concerns. $9,995. Coyote Point Systems, (650) 969-6000.

Gambit Communications Mimic Virtual Lab Enterprise

If you are considering new products for your network but want to first test them out, Mimic Virtual Lab Enterprise offers a safe, real-world environment consisting of multiple simulated networks of routers, switches and end systems. The Virtual Lab lets you create situations that affect your network not only for testing and evaluation, but for training purposes. The Virtual Lab features a lab template with free-form configuration as well as multiple preconfigured, modifiable lab templates. It supports SNMPv1, 2 and 3, TFTP, telnet and Cisco IOS. Contact vendor for pricing. Gambit Communications, (603) 889-5100.

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