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Profiting From Cybercrime

Since I am already on a bad news roll, I might as well continue with the latest word on this banner year for security threats. 2005 has proven to be a very productive year for cybercriminals, as the number of threats went through the roof. According to the U.K. security company Sophos, just under 16,000 new worms, viruses, and Trojan horses were discovered between January and November.That is an astounding 48 percent jump over last year's 10,724 threats. And just because the year is winding down, doesn't mean the threat level is. November saw more than 1900 new threats - the largest single month increase in threats ever reported.

One thing that is particularly notable about the increase in security threats is the soaring number of Trojan Horses which is indicative that those behind the attacks have a profit motive. Of course cybercrime is nothing new but the rapid rate at which it is escalating is. Here is something to keep you awake a little longer tonight: If the current rate of new threats continues in 2006, we can expect 23,000 viruses, worms, and Trojan horses next year.