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PredatorWatch Launches Security Appliance For SMBs

PredatorWatch has launched a security appliance designed to protect small networks from the most prevalent security threats. Priced at $995 and offering automated security management in a small form factor, the PredatorWatch Auditor 16 is intended to appeal to small IT departments and SMB security budgets.

Auditor 16 identifies and logs devices like mobile and handheld computers when they connect to the network and provides real-time monitoring for any changes that might indicate common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs). According to PredatorWatch, the increasing use of mobile computing devices has increased the threat of CVEs, which account for 95% of network security breaches. Auditor 16 can audit up to 16 IP addresses on a network subnet or a small LAN.

"It's a well-known fact that most of the malicious damage done to networks are done inside the firewall against weak assets that have Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures," PredatorWatch president and CEO Gary Miliefsky said in a statement. "Essentially every operating system has back door vulnerabilities that hackers routinely find and take advantage of. This is the same for firewalls and all network and computer equipment as well."

Auditor 16 automatically quarantines the offending device as soon as it detects a CVE. Its FirewallBooster feature communicates directly with the network firewall to block access to and from the vulnerable device. Auditor 16 then delivers regular browser-based reports to network administrators, with hypertext links to remediation options to deal with any discovered vulnerabilities.