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Precision I/O Gets $10 M Funding, Announces Product Direction

Precision I/O Inc., a spin-out of Judy Estrin's Packet Design think tank, has secured $10 million in venture funding and is announcing its new network server I/O architecture technology, which it plans to ship first as a software-only product later this year.

Precision I/O's technology is designed to increase the networking performance of application servers by "taking the operating system out of the networking business," Estrin said. Simply, Precision I/O's technology is designed to speed up the sending and receiving of packets by taking those chores over from the server OS.

By increasing network throughput, Estrin said Precision I/O's technology could provide both better application performance per server, as well as cut costs on implementations of server clusters and server grids, by requiring fewer servers and no expensive additional networking infrastructure.

Estrin, one of the networking industry's pioneers and leading entrepreneurs, said Precision I/O's technology is significantly different from other attempts to solve server-to-network bottleneck problems because it uses standard IP and Ethernet infrastructures, requiring no change to protocols or wiring.

While the company's funding and technology press release (which is officially scheduled for release on March 29) did not announce a product name, pricing or ship date, Estrin did say the first version of the product should ship sometime this summer, as software for Unix or Linux servers, with a Windows version to follow later.

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