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PointOne Announces Hosted VoIP Solution To Replace PBXs

PointOne Communications has announced StarPoint IP Business, a hosted IP solution for enterprises that replaces or reduces the need for PBX private telephone switches.

The new system lets customers replace an existing PBX system, and also allows them to "cap and grow" by keeping their existing PBX system, and integrating it with PointOne's solution to accommodate additional line demand.

StarPoint IP Business includes enhanced phone features such as abbreviated dialing; call hunt; reservationless, multi-way conferencing; and an automated voice response system providing directory listing and automatic call forwarding based on user extensions.

"Hosted IP services provide obvious and dramatic advantages over PBX equipment," Sam Shiffman, executive vice president of PointOne, said in a statement. "More importantly, StarPoint IP Business allows enterprises to take advantage of next generation telephony applications."

The PointOne network claims that it is the largest VoIP network in North America and processes more than one half billion calls per month