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Permeo Releases "Zero Touch" SSL VPN Appliance

Permeo Technologies today announced Base5, an integrated network appliance delivering a "zero touch" SSL VPN, endpoint security services, and advanced information controls.

Permeo claims the appliance reduces operational costs by more than 55% because it eliminates the administrative and integration complexity required to deliver access and security services to managed and unmanaged devices.

The appliance extends SSL VPN and endpoint security services to any user and application, without having to integrate multiple vendor solutions. It provides a unified policy enforcement and management framework that integrates SSL VPN, information control, browser security, malware protection, and host integrity checks. It includes a "zero touch" deployment model in which no remote client administration is required for the delivery of connectivity and endpoint security capabilities.

The solution has been deployed at Sun Healthcare Group, and according to a prepared statement by Sun Healthcare Group's Zachary Grant, the company has "seen an 82 percent reduction in operational costs for remote access since implementing Permeo's solution." He added, in the statement, "With Base5, we can provide access to internal applications and confidential data, such as patient health records, without compromising our network security and without the burden of installing and supporting heavy client software."

Permeo Base5 will be available in April. Pricing is based on concurrent user licenses starting at $50 per seat for all features including remote access and endpoint security.