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PacketMotion Extends Activity Monitoring To VMware Environments

Enterprises will be able to monitor activity within VMware environments with the release of PacketMotion's PacketSentry Virtual Probe, a virtual machine version of its security appliance. Like the physical appliance, Virtual Probe collects and analyzes network traffic for anomalous user behavior and enforces corporate policy for security and regulatory compliance.

"We're 80 percent virtualized, and we're now monitoring things we couldn't see before," says Andrew Gahm, systems and security engineer at South Jersey Healthcare. "We can collect data we never could have because it never touches a wire."

Both the physical appliances, which sit on a span port off a network, and the virtual probes, which are installed as a VM on a host server, filter, record and analyze packets based on enterprise preferences, as well as on predefined and customizable rules. Both are managed through a common console, PacketSentry Manager, for security monitoring in hybrid data centers.

Security and compliance efforts can be compromised by the lack of visibility into virtual networks, as organizations are unable to detect suspicious activity on and between critical application servers and databases. Privileged user responsibility and separation of duties can break down as administrators assume responsibility for physical hosts, rather than particular server groups. The dynamic nature of virtualization--in which servers are quickly created, taken down and moved--further complicates administration and policy enforcement.

PacketMotion calls PacketSentry a user activity management (UAM) product, identifying primary use cases as:

  • Compliance and internal audit controls for databases, applications and file shares;
  • Data protection though access control and monitoring around sensitive data; and
  • High-risk user management, including privileged users, VPN users, partners and contractors

The new product extends these use cases to virtualization and enables organizations to track location and usage of virtual assets. Because it can see and analyze all network traffic chosen by the enterprise, Packet Sentry is a valuable tool for identifying and isolating security events for rapid incident response.

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