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Oracle To Update App Server With Business Activity Monitoring

Oracle plans to meld Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) functionality into a new release of its J2EE-based application server this summer.

The BAM software, which drills down into systems to troubleshoot problems in the business workflow, builds natively upon the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) standard, said Oracle Senior Vice President Thomas Kurian.

Given that industry adoption of BPEL is growing, native support of it is critical, Kurian said. "Traditional EAI vendors like Tibco and WebMethods bolt BPEL on, but they [still] use their traditional languages and import/export BPEL. That's a lot of overhead," he said, adding that some BAM support is already available in Oracle's e-business suite.

Oracle Application Server 10.1.2's BAM capabilities will enable users to "drill down into business events in their supply chain, order fulfillment, etc., and figure out what a slip of supplier's shipment means to the overall supply chain," Kurian said. The system places small software agents in all the relevant system components for feedback, and support for RFID input is slated to be added this summer.

The solution brings realtime and predictive capabilities to the fore, whereas traditional business-intelligence vendors typically provide historical or backward-looking analysis, Kurian said.

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