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OpenText Brings Windows And Unix Enterprise Business Applications To Mac OS X With Release Of Exceed OnDemand 8

Enterprises will now have an easier time keeping their global workforces productive with the release of Exceed onDemand 8 by OpenText, an X11 window server that gives users fast, reliable and secure remote access to applications over any network connection. Exceed onDemand 8 offers support for the popular Mac OS X platform along with a number of performance and productivity enhancements that enable customers to centrally distribute and manage access to Unix, Linux and Microsoft Windows applications.

Trusted by millions of enterprise users, the Exceed family of products is known for its dependability in mission-critical environments and "pixel-perfect" screen and color rendering capabilities. Exceed onDemand offers companies a centralized, scalable and load-balanced platform to manage the distribution of critical line-of-business applications to a geographically disparate user population. Exceed onDemand offers an all-in-one remote application access solution for stock trading, electronic design automation (EDA), computer-aided design/manufacturing (CAD/CAM) and high-end 3D modeling, among others, and delivers such benefits as lower infrastructure costs, improved security and easier team collaboration.

"Enterprises are facing increasing pressure to deliver better results on time and on budget. Exceed onDemand helps them improve the performance of their business operations by simplifying and extending their application delivery infrastructure - and we're continuing the momentum with this new release," said Eugene Cherny, General Manager for OpenText's connectivity solutions. "Its industry-proven architecture offers automatic workload balancing and scalability, helping to accelerate access to business applications while boosting user productivity through real-time team collaboration."

The new version of Exceed onDemand offers a number of significant enhancements: Empowers the growing population of Apple Mac OS X users with high-performance remote application access; Helps enterprises take control of the distribution of Microsoft Windows applications on Unix, Linux and OS X platforms; Enhances access security through the integration with LDAP based enterprise directory services; New dynamic screen scaling capability offers superior user experience and improved productivity;

"Exceed onDemand 8 supports the Cadence EDA360 vision by empowering engineering teams to collaborate virtually, fully realizing complex designs as efficiently as possible in a globalized work environment," said Steven Lewis, Product Management Director of Cadence. "We've worked closely with OpenText to ensure that Exceed onDemand 8 works smoothly with the Cadence Virtuoso custom IC technology, maximizing both design throughput and resource utilization, while lowering overall hardware costs."

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