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Opengear Launches Smart ACM5000 And IM4200 Cellular Routers And Console Servers At Interop Las Vegas 2011

Opengear, a leading provider of next generation console server and remote management solutions, today announced the launch of its Smart ACM5000 and Smart IM4200 line of products at Interop Las Vegas 2011. Opengear products will be demonstrated at Interop in Opengear booth 2271 and will be featured in InteropNet, Interop's specialized cutting edge network, as well as in the much talked about OpenFlow Lab.

The Opengear Smart ACM5000 and Smart IM4200 are the first fully automated remote management solutions to control all the infrastructure at remote sites - from applications and computers; through networking equipment, security cameras and power supplies; down to door sensors, temperature and digital I/O.

The Opengear Smart ACM5000 and Smart IM4200 product families are built on Opengear's next generation console server platform, known for extensive out-of-band access features including integrated VPN router and firewall, secure network and serial console access; UPS/PDU power management; local logging and scripts; monitoring and alerts; and extensive out-of-band management through 3G cellular access or modems.

The Opengear Smart ACM5000 and Smart IM4200 now have Automated Remote Management & Support (ARMS) capabilities that can take remediable actions on site - instantly. The Smart products have a programmable "rule book" with schedules of corrective actions that can be taken in response to defined events. For example, in the event of ping failure on a managed device, alerts can be sent, devices can be reset or some custom scripts actioned. In another example, if a critical UPS battery level is reached, a more graceful shutdown can be initiated before the system shuts down.

"While other vendors are dumbing down their in-rack management appliances and relying exclusively on central management solutions, Opengear is taking a smarter approach by extending the monitoring and alerts capabilities we were offering in the rack to embrace a programmable rule book," said Bob Waldie, co-founder and CEO of Opengear. "We enable datacenter managers and IT staff to take remediable action instantly and improve service levels."

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