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ONPATH Expands Portfolio With High Performance Connectivity And Monitoring Solution

MARLTON, N.J., Sept. 20. ONPATH Technologies, the leader in scalable connectivity and monitoring solutions for high performance networks, today announced the release of the ONPATH Universal Connectivity System (UCS) 3900, a complete family of highly flexible, scalable physical layer switching systems designed to accommodate high-performance connectivity and monitoring applications. With the addition of the 3900 to the company's UCS product suite, ONPATH now offers the most scalable, secure, future-proof solutions in the world. ONPATH brings unique value to the market with its new 3900 release.

The 3900 series is available in 1, 3, and 12 slot compact form factors, and is the highest density connectivity and monitoring solution available offering savings in rack space, power, and cooling. Each ONPATH switch blade (S-Blade) supports an industry-leading 48 ports of connectivity and/or monitoring per rack unit. The scalability of the 3900 series stretches from 48 to 576 ports of non-blocking connectivity without wasting ports on inter-switch links, leading to a flatter and simpler network. Mesh networking of multiple 3900 and 2900 systems provides scalability to over 100,000 ports.

The ONPATH 3900 family supports a hybrid electrical and all-optical switching fabric in the same platform. The universal S-Blades provide any-to-any connectivity, while the integrated test access ports and broadcast functions allow for non-intrusive monitoring and one-to-many connectivity. Ports within the same blade can support Ethernet as well as Fibre Channel applications across a wide range of data rates from 1G to 10G. The all-optical O-Blades support all photonic applications ranging from analog to digital. ONPATH 3903 and 3912 systems are designed with a fully redundant architecture, including hot-swappable, field replaceable modules for the industry's highest availability.

The modular architecture of the 3900 enables a "pay as you grow" model for the ultimate in flexibility and scalability. Each of the systems is designed to support the full capacity needed per application or site. All Blades are interchangeable across any switch in the family, providing investment protection as needs scale with increased connectivity and monitoring.  In addition, as network speeds increase from low speeds to high speeds, the same infrastructure scales up to all current and future Ethernet and Fibre Channel speeds via simple software settings, without additional hardware costs.

"The new 3900 system represents the most innovative platform we have ever released and is a perfect complement to our existing 2900 platform and latest HorizON software," said Larry Cantwell, Chief Technology Officer and VP Engineering. "We now have the ability to support all high-performance applications required in data center and test lab networks, with incredible advantages for scalability, security and visibility compared to anything else on the market."  

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