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NWC @ CES: Optical disk wars heat up at CES

Originally Published on EETimes

LAS VEGAS — Leading consumer electronics manufacturers in the competing HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc camps scrambled to announce market plans for their high-definition optical disk players at the Consumer Electronics Show on Wednesday (Jan. 4).

The HD disk players, carrying prices ranging from $499 to $1,800, are slated to become available as early as March, though some will not emerge until the second half of the year.

The strategy of the two camps appears to be taking two different directions. While the HD DVD group seems more intent on hitting the market as soon as possible at a competitive price, Blu-ray promoters remain vague about their launching schedules and pricing.

Though less evident in these product announcements, the lack of Advanced Access Content System (AACS) licensing could still delay the final product launch for either HD DVD or Blu-ray backers, since both systems use AACS.

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