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Nortel Networks Helps Cable Operators Create Hot Spots

A new offering from Nortel Networks is designed to help cable operators extend the reach of high-speed data services targeting small and medium-sized enterprises. According to company officials, the just unveiled Wireless LAN Cable Access Point 6220 will use 802.11 wireless technology to connect business customers to cable operator's broadband networks.

The product is a strand-mounted enclosure containing both coaxial-fed cable modem and wireless local area network (LAN) functionality which allows cable operators to point an antenna at a building to deliver secure commercial broadband services.

Nortel officials expects cable operators to use this technology to build on the growing wireless LAN trend. Officials say the new offering will make it easier for cable operators to create public or private wireless Internet zones (hot spots). The product itself is made up of three elements:

* a strand-mounted Access Point Enclosure with integrated cable modem;

* a corporate services unit that receives wireless signals from the Enclosure; and

* either directional or omni directional antennas.

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