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Nortel Networks' Business Communications Manager 50

Deploying the unit is as simple as connecting a DHCP-enabled workstation to the management port, opening a browser and downloading the BCM 50 Element Manager software. Basic telephony features are configured through this Element Manager, while VPN/ router and voicemail/ auto-attendant and call-center features are configured through Web interfaces launched from Element Manager.


• Great entry-level PBX with enterprise-class features
• Integrated router and VPN
• Support for up to 80 lines in a hybrid digital/IP environment

• Most features licensed on a per-port basis


• Lacks standards-based SIP signaling
• IP features and phones expensive compared with digital equivalents

• Single system is limited to 32 IP lines
• Per-feature pricing adds up quickly for complex installs

Business Communications Manager 50, $350 to $500 per seat. Nortel Networks, (800) 4Nortel, (800) 466-7835.
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