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nLayers Debuts Enterprise-Wide Auto Discovery And Mapping Solution

nlayers has announced nLayers InSight 3.0, the newest version of an auto discovery and mapping solution that provides end-to-end visibility into application infrastructures and networks. The company claims that InSight 3.0 can create a three-dimensional model of complex n-tiered enterprise environments at a rate of more than 400 servers per minute.

The product continuously tracks the entire application infrastructure to illustrate demand, usage and service levels over time, and maintains application and network information in a federated configuration management database (CMDB). It is designed to immediately gives IT managers a "big picture" view of the entire application infrastructure.

InSight can access or integrate with a customer's existing system information repositories to support a unified view of cross-discipline configuration information. Data in the CMDB can exported via XML to other management solutions, such as service-level management technologies, capacity planning, and IT governance solutions. It also includes plug-ins to many leading systems management solutions, such as IBM Tivoli and HP OpenView.

"IT managers are under enormous pressure to automate their operations and start reining in the escalating cost of maintaining today's highly-complex IT systems," Gili Raanan, founder and CEO of nLayers said in a statement. "nLayers InSight cracks the code on application discovery with its elegant, non-invasive way of cutting through the complexity to get visibility into exactly how the 'IT engine' is running, showing customers all the moving parts, connections, and fluid levels. Without this, it's impossible to performance-tune, boost fuel efficiency or even replace parts."