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New Smartphone App Automatically Eliminates Texting & Emailing When Driving

RESTON, Va.(BUSINESS WIRE) ZoomSafer, the leading provider of policy software to prevent consumer and corporate motorists from texting and emailing while driving, today launched the public beta of its newest smartphone application. This newest version of ZoomSafer is the world's first safe driving software to integrate with in-vehicle Bluetooth technologies to automatically activate/deactivate "safe drive mode" on a user's smartphone whenever he or she powers on/off his or her in-vehicle Bluetooth device.

"In January, we launched the first version of our safe driving software, utilizing the phone's internal GPS to automatically detect speed and determine if the user was driving. Customer feedback was exceptional, but we wanted to make the app more automated and less of a drain on the mobile phone's battery," said Matt Howard, Founder and CEO of ZoomSafer. "After extensive development and testing, we're excited to offer a new version of our ZoomSafer app that uses Bluetooth technology to determine when the user is driving, thus keeping people safer on the road with zero incremental drain on their mobile phone batteries."

According to the market research firm iSuppli, Bluetooth-enabled vehicles will account for more than half of all new vehicles sold in the U.S. in 2010. Additionally, there is a large and growing after-market in which firms such as Parrot, Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, and others sell millions of in-vehicle Bluetooth systems every year. Through seamless integration with in-vehicle Bluetooth components such as Ford Sync and Mercedes Mbrace, ZoomSafer delivers a simple solution to eliminate the temptation to text, email or browse the web while driving - yet enables a variety of hands-free communications services compliant with state and local distracted driving laws.

"The original ZoomSafer app is a great safe driving app, but it drained my smartphone battery very quickly," said Harris Korn, president of Xpressions Inc. and creator of the VQ Bluetooth Car Charger and of popular vehicle-centric apps including VQ Mileage Tracker. "The newest version of ZoomSafer can interact with in-vehicle Bluetooth, including our VQ Bluetooth Car Charger, to automatically activate when the user is driving, so the app no longer drains my battery. With this innovative enhancement, we think that ZoomSafer will be a massive hit in both the commercial and consumer space."

ZoomSafer Bluetooth software works on Blackberry smartphones running 4.2.1 OS and higher, and will also be available for Windows Mobile and Android phones soon. In addition to blocking texts and emails while you are driving, the app can be set to automatically respond to incoming emails and texts with a message telling others that you are busy driving. To use ZoomSafer's Bluetooth beta you can either pair the app with your in-vehicle Bluetooth or, if you don't have in-vehicle Bluetooth, with a Bluetooth-enabled VQ Bluetooth Car Charger available at Interested parties can register for FREE at . The first 500 registrants will receive a chance to win a $500 gift certificate from American Express.